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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

U Mobile Prepaid & UMI Plans

FRiENDi Mobile is the most affordable prepaid plan in Malaysia. However, FRiENDi Mobile does not support Mobile Number Portability (MNP) currently. If you do not wish to have two SIM cards (phones), you can consider U Mobile Prepaid.

If you switch to U Mobile, you can get a free Prepaid SIM Pack and enjoy 15% top-up bonus for the next 6 months. With U Mobile Prepaid SIM Pack and top up, you can enjoy free Internet, free calls to all U Mobile numbers and 2x credit validity:

Starter Pack
RM 8
Preloaded Airtime
RM 5
Top up
RM 10
RM 30
RM 50
RM 100
FREE calls for
10 days
30 days
50 days
100 days
FREE high-speed Internet
10 MB
30 MB
50 MB
100 MB
2x credit validity
20 days
60 days
100 days
200 days

To U Mobile Numbers
To Other Networks
SMS rates
3 sen/SMS
8 sen/SMS
Voice call rates
10 sen/30sec

You can also subscribe to U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) monthly plans for more high-speed Internet with unlimited internet usage and no additional data charge, free calls and free SMS to all networks:

Monthly Fee
Free Calls
Free SMS
UMI 18
RM 18
250 MB
30 days
25 mins
25 SMS
UMI 28
RM 28
1 GB
30 days
50 mins
30 SMS
UMI 38
RM 38
1 GB
30 days
150 mins
30 SMS
UMI 48
RM 48
2 GB
30 days
100 mins
30 SMS

If you get your friends to join U Mobile, you will enjoy 5% free credit when your friends top up while they will enjoy 15% top up bonus when they switch to U Mobile. On top of that, both of you will enjoy free calls to all U Mobile numbers plus free Internet.

U Mobile is offering a great prepaid data plan especially the UMI 28 plan. Are you paying extra money for the similar data plan by other telcos? If yes, then you might want to consider switching to U Mobile and start saving!

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