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Friday, 27 July 2012

SAVE Rebate Program

The electricity tariff is getting higher and higher. Are you thinking to switch to energy efficient or green electrical appliances? Well, there is a program spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water to improve energy efficiency in Malaysia, known as SAVE or Sustainability Achieved via Energy Efficiency, started on July 7, 2011 and will last until all rebates are taken at the end of 2012.

Rebates will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to qualified domestic consumers who purchase 5-Star rated refrigerators or air conditioners during the rebate offer period through participating retailers ( 4,000 retail outlets nationwide, 12 brands). Rebate for fridge is RM200 while rebate for air cond is RM100.


  1. Must be a Malaysian consumer
  2. Must purchase new 5-star rated appliances under the SAVE Rebate Program
  3. Voucher must be redeemed within 1 month after printing

How to Apply

  1. Log in to www.saveenergy.gov.my
  2. Select Tenaga Nasional Berhad as electricity provider
  3. Key in your details such as account number, name, NRIC and telephone number
  4. Check your eligibility and print the vouchers
  5. Redeem your voucher at participating retail outlets nationwide
  6. List of energy efficient appliances can be found here

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

IKEA's 2013 Catalogue is ALIVE!

2013 IKEA's catalogue is getting even better. The catalog itself will be an interactive product with latest augmented-reality technology that packed with an app that can literally bring physical catalogue to alive.
You can use your Android app as an "X-Ray" to look inside the furniture, cabinet, photo galleries and inspiration coming alive right before your eyes. Check out the video below,

Saturday, 21 July 2012

TM Bills Auto Debit Discount

I guess majority of us are customers of Telekom Malaysia (TM), either in phone, Streamyx, Streamyx combo or UNIFI package. Do you know that TM will give auto pay discount for customers who auto debit their monthly bills?

Auto debit is a service which service providers charge the monthly bills automatically to the customers' credit cards/saving accounts/current accounts. For TM, only credit cards issued by local banks and charge cards are accepted for auto debit.

For my monthly Streamyx Combo bills, I get to enjoy RM4 auto debit discount as I auto debit to my credit card.

So how to sign up for the auto debit service? You can either get the auto debit form from your credit card provider or go to TM point to get the auto debit form.

Updated on 9 Oct 2012
Visa is currently collaborating with TM for autopay service. If you sign up for TM autopay, you could get extra 300 TM Reward points and stand a chance to win cool gadgets. This promotion is valid until 15 January 2013.

Click here now if you wish to sign up for TM autopay.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Free iPhone for Signing Up Maxis

Recently there are many discussions about the new plan of Maxis that gives you free Apple iPhone 3GS.

P/S: the photo was made in Year 2010.

I took a quick look at the brochure. IPhone 3GS will be free of charge when you sign up RM50 monthly plan with 24 months contract.

I tried to find the plan on maxis website but it was removed. I heard that the response is overwhelming and iPhone 3GS units are currently out of stock. Maxis customer service said that there will be replenishment in the future and they are reviewing the plan for better package.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

How To Make BIG MAC!!

Actually it is a question that asked by public that "What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?". 

This is a video from McDonald's Executive Chef that showing how to make BIG MAC.

Although it is not exactly look like the food in their advertising. but this new video shows you how to make their classic Big Mac, including the famous sauce, at home.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Touch n Go Reload at senQ

In my previous post, I shared about where you could reload your Touch n Go without RM0.50 charge.

Today, I'm going to share on where you could use your credit card to purchase or reload Touch n Go card and get rebates. 22 selected senQ outlets nationwide are now offering Touch n Go services.

There is RM0.50 charge for each reload. However, the good thing is they accept AMEX and you could use your Maybank 2 Card AMEX to get 5% rebate on weekends.

Next time when you want to reload your Touch n Go, remember to use your Maybank 2 Card AMEX to reload at senQ on weekends to get maximum rebates.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Promotion for Debit/Prepaid Mastercard

OCBC Credit Card's Buy 1 Free 1 GSC Movie Ticket promotion ended on 30th June. Is there any other cards that have such offer? Yes! Mastercard Malaysia is running a promotion called "Delectable 1-FOR-1 DEALS" from 1st July to 30th September.

  1. Buy 1 free 1 GSC movie ticket. (Limit to first 20,000 tickets)
  2. Free RM10 reload for online reload via Digi website. (Limit to first 18,800 redemptions)
  3. Buy 1 free 1 regular pizza at Pizza Hut for new cardholders. (Limit to first 1,000 cardholders)
Full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hong Leong Bank Promotions

Hong Leong Bank has launched a series of promotions last week for deposits, loans, credit cards and so on. On top of that, customers also have a chance of winning 1 out of 10 Hyundai cars from the BIG One Celebration.

One of the promotions is Fixed Deposit with 1% pa extra interest. Criteria: Account holders are required to deposit RM10,000 into the promotional FD and RM1,000 into the nominated Savings Account.
  * Prevailing 3-month FD board rate is 2.95%p.a. (as at 28 June 2012)

I heard that Hong Leong will also launch a brand new credit card on 5 July. It will be known as MGEN Mach Credit Card, branded as a lifestyle credit card that offers you 3 choices of rebates in different categories, 10% in movie, 5% in dining, 3% in music & event, 2% in style, 2% in club and 2% in groceries. However, there will be no rebates in petrol.

Weekend Online Shopping with Maybankard 2 AMEX

Online shopping is getting more and more popular in Malaysia. Deal websites like Groupon, Living Social, Jackcow, Mydeal, etc. are offering a lot of dining vouchers, self pampering vouchers, accessories and IT gadgets everyday.

The payment methods for these websites are credit/debit cards or online banking. For credit card payment, ipay88 is the usual gateway used. Recently I found out that ipay88 has supported payment by AMEX card issued in Malaysia. A very good news to AMEX card holders!

For Maybank 2 card holders, you can start to charge your online purchase to AMEX to enjoy 5X treat points and additional 5% cash rebates on weekends. 

FREE Android games/apps download!

Do you found recently android market is getting much more "paid" apps?

Now you can find all the paid apps in a web called: "Di Gua".
Web link: http://www.diguayouxi.com/
Phone app: http://www.diguayouxi.com/digua.apk

It is Chinese Android market that provides free games and software apps.

One of the advantages is you can download the .apk software through your PC. Then you may copy the apps into your mSD card or phone and install it.

It is advisable that you download through your PC internet, due to some of the game files is huge. If you're using phone downloading, it will consumed battery and probably your phone body will gets hot since there are large file of data transferring.

TOP 10 free games in Di Gua market:   TOP 10 free apps download in Di Gua market:

I'm sorry that this web is all showing chinese wording.
Maybe below basic words translating will help you to download the apps directly.

安卓软件 => Android software
安卓游戏 => Android games
联通下载 => Server download link 1
电信下载 => Server download link 2

Some of the games example that downloaded from Di Gua,


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