48 SMART: Debit Card
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Debit Card

Debit Card is an ATM and payment card that is linked to your Current or Savings Account. You can withdraw cash like conventional ATM card, and also make purchases at most of the merchants worldwide.


  1. No RM50 Government Service Tax (GST)
  2. Pay bills, fund transfers & online purchases via Internet
  3. No monthly interest rates & late payment charges
  4. Better financial control, set retail purchase limit
  5. Low eligibility age from 12 years old onwards
  6. Earn reward points/ get cash back

Debit cards are very suitable for teenagers and students. By using debit cards, teenagers can learn how to manage their own money without spending over the limit. They can go shopping without carrying too much cash and yet they can get cash back/ reward points by swiping.


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