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Saturday, 30 June 2012

UOB One Card

I have just got my UOB One Card few weeks ago. This is my second application for the same card but this time the bank called me up to offer the card. My first application was early this year at UOB booth in a shopping mall and it was rejected without any reason although I'm an existing customer of UOB with good standing. After 3 months plus, I suddenly received a call from the bank to offer this card and UOB is offering it with RM50 cash back. So I just applied this card without second thought.

The cash rebates for this card is not as good as Maybank 2 Card and OCBC Titanium.

Rebate Category
Cash Rebates
Total Purchase Entitled for Cash Rebates
Up to RM600 per month
All petrol stations
Golden Screen Cinemas
Up to RM1, 500 per month
Tesco, Carrefour, Giant, Cold Storage & Pasar Raya Jaya Grocer
Guardian, Watsons & Caring Pharmacy
Up to RM300 per month
Maxis, Celcom & Digi
Other purchases
All other merchants not listed above

However, it has another SMART$ rebate program which card members can earn additional rebates from merchants who participate in SMART$ program.

Update 15 Dec 2012: senQ and San Francisco Coffee were moved from the list, Pedro and Timberland were added.

Sushi King10% Party Princess10%
Miss Whatever10% Teddy Tales10%
Girls10% GSC5%
Pedro5% Timberland3%
My Diamond3% Weng Cheong Tyre Service3%
UniAsia3% BHPetrol2%

If you are a frequent movie goer, it's very good to get this card as you can get 5% cash rebate plus another 5% smart$.

Maybankard 2 Posting Date & Transaction Date Discrepancy

Maybankard 2 AMEX offer 5% cash rebate on every Saturday & Sunday. What happen if the transaction date and posting date are different (transaction on Sunday, posting on Monday)?

When Maybankard 2 was launched not long ago last year, this was an issue which a transaction with posting date not on Saturday or Sunday was not eligible for 5% cash rebate although the transaction date was on weekend. By then, card holders had to complain to Maybank card center and provide transaction receipts as proof.

Now I checked back last 2 months' statements. There were some transactions with posting date and transaction date discrepancy but Maybank had fixed the issue. These transactions were eligible for cash rebates.

If you are still worried, you can keep the transaction receipts and calculate the cash rebates on the month's end to see if it is correct.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Malaysia Car Plate

The "WWW" car plate was a hot discussion topic in the Internet for the past few weeks. How much do you know about the car plates in Malaysia? I'll show you the common car plates in below table.

Plate for Perak state
Plate for Selangor state
Plate for Pahang state
Plate for Kelantan state
Plate for Taxi
Plate for Johor state
Plate for Kedah state
Plate for Langkawi (duty free)
Plate for Labuan
Plate for Melaka state
Plate for Negeri Sembilan state
Plate for Penang state
Plate for Putrajaya
Plate for Perlis state
Plate for Sabah state
Plate for Terengganu state
Plate for Kuala Lumpur
Plate for Sarawak state
Plate for Military

Other than those listed above, sometimes you will spot cars with "SUKOM", "BAMbee", "PROTON", etc on the road. The most recent one is "G1M" and most of them are luxurious cars.

These special plates are used to denote the vehicles' brand or special event.

Plate for Proton
Plate for Perodua
Plate for Proton Waja
Plate for Proton Chancellor
Plate for Proton Persona
Plate for Proton Satria
Plate for Proton Tiara
Plate for Proton Perdana
Plate for Lotus
Plate for Modenas Kriss
Plate for Modenas Jaguh
Plate for Naza
Plate for 1998 Commonwealth Games
Plate for 2003 NAM Summit
Plate for 2003 OIC Summit
Plate for 2005 ASEAN Summit
Plate for 2000 Thomas & Uber Cup
Plate for Islamic Development Bank conference
Plate for 1Malaysia

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pay Phone Bills & Get Up to 15% Rebates

In my previous posts, I had introduced two of the best rebate credit cards. So have you got your OCBC Titanium Card? If not, you better be hurry.

From 1st July to 30th September 2012, OCBC will launch a promotion on online bill payment. When you pay Maxis, Celcom, Digi or TM Bills via OCBC online banking, you will get 10% rebates. If you pay via OCBC online banking for 3 consecutive months, you will get additional 5% rebates in the third month.

Previously, we are not able to pay TM Bills via OCBC online banking with Titanium Card although TM is available in the payee list. I'm not sure whether OCBC had fixed this issue or not. I'll try it during the campaign period and shall feedback to you all in the coming post.

Update on 1 July
I've added TM to the payee list and able to proceed for payment without any problem.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

PDF to ePub Converter


Now many people uses Ipad, smartphone, galaxy tab or iphone to read pdf books.
But do you feel troublesome of adjusting the area of the view page?
if you've same troubles with me, maybe you can try to use the software below.

You may convert the PDF, HTML, TEXT, XML files to ePUB.
ePUB will automatically assist you to re-arrange the text to suit in your screen.

If you don't know what is ePUB. Maybe you can know more in Wikipedia.

You can download PDF to ePUB converter in below link (It is trial up version, but you're able to convert the files to ePUB with no troubles)



Free Smartphone for Teachers

Digi is giving out free Samsung Galaxy Y to teachers as an appreciation on the contribution of teachers. This promotion starts from 16 May to 15 July 2012. Teachers will get one FREE Samsung GALAXY Y smartphone* upon signing up for DG Smart Plan™ 48 under the 24-month contract.

Terms and Conditions

  • *While stocks last.
  • Participants MUST present teacher ID OR the promotion flyer, and sign up at any of the participating outlets in order to enjoy this promotion.
  • Participants must sign up for Auto Billing via credit card.
  • Call and SMS charges are 15sen/min and 10sen/min respectively.

For further information, please refer to Digi website

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Touch 'n Go Reload

There are many places where you can reload your Touch 'n Go card but most of them will charge you RM 0.50 transaction fee each time you reload.

Places where you can reload your Touch 'n Go card for FREE:
  1. PLUS office beside toll.
  2. Selected petrol station by highway.
  3. Touch 'n Go spot.
  4. Selected KTM station.
  5. CIMB Bank ATM.

CIMB Bank has a lot of branches all over Malaysia and it is the most convenient method for you to reload your Touch 'n Go card for free. All you need to have is a saving account with an ATM card. The minimum reload amount is RM50.00.

Steps to reload:
  1. Just go to the ATM with a Touch 'n Go logo on the right side of the screen.
  2. Insert your ATM card and key in PIN number.
  3. Then choose Touch 'n Go reload.
  4. ATM would prompt you to put your Touch 'n Go card on the Touch 'n Go logo.
  5. ATM would then display your Touch 'n Go card current balance.
  6. Proceed to choose the amount you wish to reload.
  7. Your ATM card would be ejected from the ATM machine.
  8. ATM would again prompt you to put your Touch 'n Go card on the Touch 'n Go logo.
  9. After transaction is done, a receipt will be printed.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

RHB Friday Specials

RHB has a new promotion for its Credit and Debit card members, started from 1 June to 31 December 2012. This Buy 1 Free 1 promotion is valid on Fridays during promotional period.

Participating Partners

  • Sushi King – Buy 1 Hand Roll Free 1 Californian Hand Roll
  • Starbucks Coffee – Buy 1 Coffee Free 1 Coffee (of similar or lower value)
  • Popular Bookstore – Buy 1 RM20 Cash Voucher Free 1 RM10 Cash Voucher
  • Golden Screen Cinemas – Buy 1 Ticket Free 1 Ticket (normal class tickets only)
  • Kenny Rogers ROASTERS –  Buy 1 Kenny's Quarter Meal Free 1 Kenny's Quarter Meal (Promotion starts from 1 Sept to 31 Dec 2012)

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment must be made with RHB Bank Credit/ Debit Cards or Easy by RHB Debit Cards only.
  • Each Cardmember can only redeem 1 free item per receipt, per day.
  • Thursday, 7 June 2012


    The next dimension of Google Maps. they uses automated technology to extract 3D from aerial images.  
    This is a big announcement was related to the display of 3D building in Google Earth. Google is using airplanes along with a Google-designated system to photograph cities and make a 3D map of buildings. This is awesome!

    They would so called Google MapsGL, and Google says that MapsGL is coming soon to Android and iOS in your mobile. Once the new Maps go live, users can loop up a map and make a selection to go offline. The app will then tell you how much data that will take and you can download the map into your device.

    For now, I'm not sure that 3D map will be available for city like KL. Maybe not for now, but one day it may comes to 3D view on KL city.


    Sunday, 3 June 2012

    Public Bank Day2Day Visa Debit Card

    Public Bank offers a wide variety of Debit Cards. Among all these cards, PB Day2Day Card is the one that caught my attention. Let's look at the features of the card:


    1. 0.8% Cash Rebate on any amount spent on Petrol & Grocery, max rebate capped at RM30/month.
    2. 0.3% Cash Rebate on any other retail purchase, unlimited rebate.
    3. Credit balances will earn interest on daily balance in Savings/ Current Account.
    4. Online E-statement with information of merchant, location, transaction amount & date.
    5. Low eligibility age from 12 years old onwards.

    But, bear in mind that there is an annual fee of RM8 for this card.


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