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Sunday, 12 August 2012

MyEG - Electronic Government Portal

In my previous post, I mentioned that you could renew your car road tax via MyEG. There are other things that can be done through MyEG. The common ones are:

  1. Driving license renewal
  2. Auto insurance renewal
  3. PDRM summon alert & payment

The latest e-service from MyEG is the voluntary vehicle ownership transfer service. The public can now carry out transfers of vehicle ownership from a seller directly to a buyer electronically. They do not need to be present at the JPJ office for the transfer of ownership.

However, they will need to first register for the 1Malaysia Authenticated Digital ID (1MID) at any of the 500 kiosks available nationwide to log into the MyEG portal before they can start the online transaction. Currently the service is only available for MyKad users and private vehicle owners.


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