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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Coin Deposit Machine (CoDM)

According to Bank Negara Malaysia, a significant amount of coins issued are not returned for re-circulation every year. To encourage the public to return their coins and at the same time benefit from the additional savings, a total of 236 Coin Deposit Machines (CoDM) are placed at the participating financial institutions, hypermarkets and Tabung Haji branches.

Coin Deposit Machine (CoDM) is an automated, self-service coin machine that enables customers of participating financial institutions and Tabung Haji to deposit their coins without any charges. Customers can deposit coins in mixture of 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent and 50 cent denominations. There is no need to sort the coins.

The CoDMs at the participating financial institutions offer same day credit for coins that are deposited before 4 p.m. and next day credit for coins deposited after 4 p.m. Customers only need to key-in the CASA number to get started and follow the self-guided step by step on-screen instructions before depositing the coins into the hopper tray in the machine.

For CoDMs that are located at participating hypermarkets, customers will receive a shopping voucher equal to the value of coins deposited which they can use to pay for goods purchased at the participating stores. The CoDM services are available at the participating financial institutions, hypermarkets and Tabung Haji branches as listed here.

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