48 SMART: SCB Bill Payment Cash Rebate Campaign
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

SCB Bill Payment Cash Rebate Campaign

Travel without worries when you use Standard Chartered Online Banking and Breeze Mobile Banking. You can pay to 100 billing organisations securely. It's good when convenience is rewarding as well. From 21st July until 20th December 2014, pay 4 bills online or via Breeze mobile and you can get up to RM 20 cash rebate every month.

The campaign is open to invited customers of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad and/or Standard Chartered Saadiq Berhad (excluding Al Wadiah and Straight2Bank accountholders) who are existing active users of SCB Online Banking and Breeze Mobile Banking. Eligible customers must perform a minimum of 3 bill payments monthly and the minimum amount per bill must be RM 50 and above.

There is a maximum of RM 70000 in cash rebate to be given throughout the campaign period, capped at a maximum of RM 14000 for each month. Eligible customers will be entitled to a cash rebate of RM 5 for each successful bill payment. A maximum of RM 20 cash rebate will be given per month per customer and each customer will be entitled to a maximum of RM 100 cash rebate throughout the campaign period.

The allocation for cash rebate in each respective month is as shown below:

Transaction month
Month 1
21 Jul 2014 – 20 Aug 2014
RM 14000
Month 2
21 Aug 2014 – 20 Sep 2014
RM 14000
Month 3
21 Sep 2014 – 20 Oct 2014
RM 14000
Month 4
21 Oct 2014 – 20 Nov 2014
RM 14000
Month 5
21 Nov 2014 – 20 Dec 2014
RM 14000

Cash rebate will be awarded on a first come first served basis. The cash rebate will be credited to each eligible customer’s CASA or credit card account from which the transaction originated within 60 days from the end of  every transaction month.


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