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Sunday, 1 July 2012

FREE Android games/apps download!

Do you found recently android market is getting much more "paid" apps?

Now you can find all the paid apps in a web called: "Di Gua".
Web link: http://www.diguayouxi.com/
Phone app: http://www.diguayouxi.com/digua.apk

It is Chinese Android market that provides free games and software apps.

One of the advantages is you can download the .apk software through your PC. Then you may copy the apps into your mSD card or phone and install it.

It is advisable that you download through your PC internet, due to some of the game files is huge. If you're using phone downloading, it will consumed battery and probably your phone body will gets hot since there are large file of data transferring.

TOP 10 free games in Di Gua market:   TOP 10 free apps download in Di Gua market:

I'm sorry that this web is all showing chinese wording.
Maybe below basic words translating will help you to download the apps directly.

安卓软件 => Android software
安卓游戏 => Android games
联通下载 => Server download link 1
电信下载 => Server download link 2

Some of the games example that downloaded from Di Gua,


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