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Saturday, 21 July 2012

TM Bills Auto Debit Discount

I guess majority of us are customers of Telekom Malaysia (TM), either in phone, Streamyx, Streamyx combo or UNIFI package. Do you know that TM will give auto pay discount for customers who auto debit their monthly bills?

Auto debit is a service which service providers charge the monthly bills automatically to the customers' credit cards/saving accounts/current accounts. For TM, only credit cards issued by local banks and charge cards are accepted for auto debit.

For my monthly Streamyx Combo bills, I get to enjoy RM4 auto debit discount as I auto debit to my credit card.

So how to sign up for the auto debit service? You can either get the auto debit form from your credit card provider or go to TM point to get the auto debit form.

Updated on 9 Oct 2012
Visa is currently collaborating with TM for autopay service. If you sign up for TM autopay, you could get extra 300 TM Reward points and stand a chance to win cool gadgets. This promotion is valid until 15 January 2013.

Click here now if you wish to sign up for TM autopay.


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