48 SMART: Hong Leong Bank Promotions
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hong Leong Bank Promotions

Hong Leong Bank has launched a series of promotions last week for deposits, loans, credit cards and so on. On top of that, customers also have a chance of winning 1 out of 10 Hyundai cars from the BIG One Celebration.

One of the promotions is Fixed Deposit with 1% pa extra interest. Criteria: Account holders are required to deposit RM10,000 into the promotional FD and RM1,000 into the nominated Savings Account.
  * Prevailing 3-month FD board rate is 2.95%p.a. (as at 28 June 2012)

I heard that Hong Leong will also launch a brand new credit card on 5 July. It will be known as MGEN Mach Credit Card, branded as a lifestyle credit card that offers you 3 choices of rebates in different categories, 10% in movie, 5% in dining, 3% in music & event, 2% in style, 2% in club and 2% in groceries. However, there will be no rebates in petrol.


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