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Friday, 26 October 2012

JustOne Current Account & JustOne Savings Account

This is a post in response to my earlier post about Current Account. Standard Chartered Bank has recently come up with a new type of 2-in-1 account known as JustOne Current Account and JustOne Savings Account. What is so special about this account?

JustOne Current Account:

  • *Unlimited Free Withdrawals from MEPS and HOUSe ATMs.
  • *Free Interbank GIRO Fund Transfers via Standard Chartered Online Banking and ATMs in Malaysia.
  • Free Debit Card.
  • Optional Cheque Book.

JustOne Savings Account:
  • Enjoy high base interest of 1% p.a. for any balance amount.
  • *Get additional bonus interest of 1% p.a. on any balance amount in this savings account.
  • Access only via secured Online Banking and over the counter

To be entitled for the benefits marked in asterisks (*), account holder needs to deposit a minimum of RM 1500 in a single transaction into JustOne Current Account every month. The Free IBG is really attractive to me as I have a few cards from different banks like OCBC Titanium Card, UOB One Card and Maybankard 2. I'm using Maybank2u for the transfer, each IBG I will be charged RM 2. So I need to pay RM 4 each month just to settle my credit cards.

Free IBGs, unlimited free ATM withdrawals, free Debit Card, all these really sound too good to be true. So I went to the nearest SCB branch to enquire about this account. I got a confirmation from the customer service that we do not need to pay RM 8 for the annual fees of Debit Card and all the stated benefits. 

So I straight away signed up for the account and I was given a MEPS DDA (Direct Debit Authorization) Form to directly bank in RM 1500 from other bank to JustOne Current Account monthly. There is no charge incurred for that. I spent around 30 mins for the whole process and the Debit Card was given to me on the spot. 

This account is really very convenient, can save you a lot of time and money if you have credit cards, mortgage, hire purchase or loans from different banks. I strongly recommend JustOne Current Account as you do not have to rush to banks to settle payments anymore or being over charged for online IBG transaction and yet you can enjoy 2% interest p.a. for your money in JustOne Savings Account.


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