48 SMART: Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia (KADS1M)
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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia (KADS1M)

The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism had launched a type of discount card called  Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia (KADS1M) for university/college students with the objective to reduce the expenses of the students.

The discount card will be distributed to students who fulfill the following criteria for FREE:

  • Pursuing a long term course with duration of more than 1 year (certificate, diploma, degree and above);
  • Full time course;
  • Must be Malaysian

The students need not apply for the discount card as it will be distributed automatically through the university/college administration department. The discount card is valid as long as the student has not graduated from the university/college.

There's a long list of companies who give discount to students with Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia (KADS1M). You can view the complete list here.

Update 18/10/12

Up to October, 927397 cards had been distributed. After receiving positive feedback, the ministry has considered extending this card to include Malaysian university students studying overseas as well as part-time university students to help students reduce their daily cost of living.

Update 23/10/12

University students who have KADS1M can now participate in the Save & Win Bonanza organized by Bank Rakyat. The campaign ends on 30 November 2012.

To participate in the campaign, you need to fulfill below requirements:

  • local public or private university student who holds KADS1M.
  • deposit minimum RM100 into Bank Rakyat's Akaun Simpanan-i or open new Bank Rakyat's Akaun Simpanan-i with same minimum deposit amount.
  • still pursuing studies in university at the time of lucky draw.
  • not a family member of Bank Rakyat's staff.


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