48 SMART: Own a Perodua with zero downpayment
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Friday, 12 October 2012

Own a Perodua with zero downpayment

Perodua just launched a promotion from 1st October 2012 to 31st March 2013 for university students & fresh graduates.

So what is so special about this promotion?

  1. Monthly instalments as low as RM299 
  2. 50% discount for 2 years service maintenance, basic service package only
  3. FREE RM20000 Personal Accident coverage 
  4. FREE driving lessons (RM1000 value)
  5. Full loan is available (0 downpayment)

Who is eligible to apply & what documents are required?

  1. IC or license
  2. Certified student card
  3. Parent as guarantor (father or mother), net income must be more than RM2000
i. guarantor needs to submit IC & license
ii.3 months' pay slips
iii. 3 months' bank statements

Fresh graduates
  1. IC or license
  2. Certificate (Diploma or Degree)
  3. Offer letter

Above is the table for loan amount vs monthly loan repayment for loan tenure of 9 years.


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