48 SMART: How to Open Income Tax Account Online
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Saturday, 9 March 2013

How to Open Income Tax Account Online

If you are a salary earner, you will receive EA Form from your company around February annually. EA Form is a summary of your total annual income paid by that particular company, including OT, allowances, bonuses. EA Form also lists out your total annual EPF contribution and income tax deduction (PCB). 

If your income tax reference number is not stated in the EA Form, it is better to check with your company's HR department or check with LHDN directly by calling 1-800-88-5436. If your salary is deducted monthly for PCB, but you don't have a income tax account, that means that the money has not reached to LHDN. So you need to open an income tax account.

There are two methods to open an income tax account, either you go to the nearest LHDN branch or you can apply online through e-Daftar.

There are only 3 steps required for the online registration:
  1. Fill up the online registration form.
  2. For salary earners, upload supporting documents (MyKad for Malaysian, passport for non Malaysian) together with application.
  3. For business individuals,  upload supporting documents [MyKad (Malaysian)/ passport (non Malaysian) & business registration certificate] together with application.
  4. Check for your application status by using the application number given after the application form is submitted.

Note for document uploading:
  1. Only the front side that clearly shows the name and identification number is required.
  2. Only GIF file format is accepted with size ranging from 40kB to 60kB.
  3. File name must be in alphanumeric (a-z, A-Z and 0-9).
  4. e-Daftar application will be cancelled if no complete documents is submitted within 14 days from the date of application. Applicants need to reapply with complete documents.


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