48 SMART: How to Reload Prepaid Phone with maybank2u
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Saturday, 22 June 2013

How to Reload Prepaid Phone with maybank2u

Nowadays, there are many methods to reload your prepaid phone, you can buy the prepaid reload card, reload via handphone kiosks, hypermarkets, ATM machines and so on. Today I would like to share on the most convenient method to reload which is via maybank2u.

Currently, there are 2 types of reload service provided by maybank2u. The first one is instant prepaid top up that let you reload your prepaid instantly and another is prepaid top up with PIN that generates PIN for you to reload your prepaid. Next, I'll show you how to top up prepaid instanly with the first service.

There are only 3 mobile prepaid service providers available in instant top up service, namely Celcom Xpax, Maxis Hotlink and Tune Talk. The reload amount ranges from RM 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 to 100.

1. Login maybank2u and click "Buy Online" on right side of maybank2u home screen.

2. Click "Instant prepaid top up".

3. Choose your prepaid service provider from the drop down list.

4. Choose reload amount and account from drop down list. Enter your prepaid number.

5. Request TAC and enter TAC. Click "Confirm" to proceed.

6. Status will be displayed as "Accepted". Click "Print Receipt" to keep record.

You will receive a reload success notification shortly from your prepaid phone if the transaction is successful. The instant reload service is truly easy and convenient. You just need less than 5 minutes and a few clicks to get the reload done.


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