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Thursday, 20 June 2013

How to Activate Tune Talk Pakej Komunikasi Belia

The Tune Talk PKB mobile prepaid package SIM card that comes with the free CSL smartphone is not registered. The SIM card is precut in mini SIM size to cater for phones that require mini SIM.

If you flip over the other side of the Tune Talk card, you will find your phone number at top right corner while the SIM card's PIN, PUK, serial number and expiry date are printed on lower centre. A bar code and serial number on the left is actually the certificate number of the free RM 100000 PA insurance by Tune Talk.

Although you inserted the SIM card into your phone and had network coverage, you can make no calls without registering and activating the SIM card. To register, you need to send Tune Talk a copy of your IC by email or fax, together with phone number and SIM serial number. Once Tune Talk received the information, your SIM card will be registered and activated within 24 hours.

After your SIM card is activated, you're able to start to make or receive phone calls and text messaging only. Data will be available within 24 hours after SIM card is successfully activated. I would advise you to turn off data to avoid the balance being used up. To activate the data plan for PKB, you need to SMS "BEL" to 2222. RM 0.10 will be deducted from your balance. You will receive a confirmation SMS for the data plan activation. 

After one hour, you can start enjoying 300MB data, 30mins local calls and 30 SMS for free during the first month. You may continue the plan for second month with only RM 20 reload. It's really worth, isn't it?

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