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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Solar Home Rooftop Programme

The Sustainable Energy Development Authority (Seda) came up with Solar Home Rooftop Programme for owners of landed homes in Year 2012. The programme is only open to individual residents and the current remaining solar PV quota is 6.5MW.

The programme is one of Seda's initiatives to promote Renewable Energy (RE). Feed-in Tariff (FiT) mechanism under Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan allows electricity produced from indigenous renewable energy resources (e.g. your home solar panel) to be sold to power utilities (e.g. TNB) at a fixed premium price for a specific duration.

How much energy you can generate and FiT payment is largely dependent on the type and size of the solar PV technology used in your home. FiT payment is calculated based on actual kWh reading by the revenue meter [(current kWh reading - last kWh reading) × FiT rate]:

RE Installed Capacity [A]
4 kWp
RE Generation per month [B]*
400 kWh per month
FiT Rate [C]**
RM 1.3708 per kWh
FiT Duration [D]
21 years
FiT Payment by the DL to FiAH per month [B] × [C]
RM 548.32
Capital Investment (assuming RM 13000 per kWp)
RM 52000
Simple Payback Period
7.9 years
Annual return

* Assume 1,200 kWh/kWp/year
** Assume FiT rate + Bonus FiT rate (use as installation in building) for 2013 quota

Based on the assumption and calculation, you can get an annual yield of 12.65% by installing 4 kWp solar panel on your house's rooftop with RM 52000. Interested but worried on the high installation cost? You can check out solar panel financing by Alliance Bank. You only have to pay a downpayment of 10% of the entire cost of the panels, as the bank offered up to 90% financing.

You can find out on the steps of applying for Feed-in Approval (FiA) here.


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