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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tesco Online Shopping

Are you too busy working and have no free time for grocery shopping? Or you are just too lazy to go out for shopping? Well, you may try out the new Tesco Online Shopping service now if you are staying in Klang Valley.

The new service lets you order a wide range of products from your home and have them delivered directly to your door at a time to suit you. You can get the low prices exactly like in store and many promotions so that the major benefits of shopping in Tesco are available to everyone with an access to the Internet. 

You can choose from thousands of products, ranging from fresh foods, frozen products and drinks, as well as health & beauty and home essentials. You can browse for all the available items here.

You can refer to the steps to use Tesco Online Shopping from the above picture. The prices on Tesco Online Shopping website are guide prices only and are only approximate. There is service charge of RM 10 imposed for the online shopping service.

There is currently a promotion for first time customers. By entering the eCoupon code, you will be able to get a RM 20 discount on top of your shopping bill. Sign up a new account here and start enjoying Tesco Online Shopping from the comfort of your home.


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