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Monday, 2 September 2013

SCB JustOne Platinum MasterCard Credit Card

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) was giving out 15% cash back for petrol to all new cardholders for a period of 6 months in its previous promotion. Now, SCB has launched a new card, the JustOne Platinum MasterCard Credit Card, that gives you 15% rebates at all petrol stations for life!

To be eligible for the 15% rebates, you just need to spend a minimum of RM 999 per month in retail purchases and you will receive petrol cash back up to RM 576 per annum. You will enjoy petrol cash back in the following situations:

Monthly Retail Purchase
Monthly Cap
Annual Cash Back
RM 999 to RM 1999
RM 28
RM 336
RM 1999 to RM 2999
RM 38
RM 456
RM 2999 and above
RM 48
RM 576

Retail purchases must be posted to your account within a particular month to be included towards meeting the monthly minimum requirement of RM 999 per month. If a transaction is posted in the following month, it will only be included in the following month's calculation. 360° Reward Points are not applicable for this card.

For new to SCB customers, you can apply online and get RM 300 cash back. For existing customers or customers who apply through branch and roadshow, you can get RM 105 cash back.

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