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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

SCB Credit Card Promotion

Standard Chartered Bank is always very generous in giving out cash and gifts to new customers. This time SCB is giving out 15% cash back for petrol! This promotion starts today and ends on 31st January 2013.

Let's have a look at what SCB offers this time:

  • 15% petrol cash back for 6 months, capped at RM 100 per month
  • SmartTAG worth RM120 or Touch ‘n Go card worth RM100 for all your travel needs
  • RM 55 250 (Gold card) or RM 300 (Platinum card) cash back to offset the GST

If you never hold any Standard Chartered Credit Card or you cancelled the card more than 12 months, it is the best time to apply for Standard Chartered Credit Card to enjoy all the cash back and free gift!

Please take note that the cash back and petrol cash back cap shown above are only for customers who apply online. If you apply through agent or branch, what you will get is of lower value. Read the terms and conditions.

To apply online, please click here. , visit your nearest branch today.


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