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Saturday, 17 November 2012

iPod Touch 5th Generation

Apple has launched iPod Touch 5th generation in October and it is already available in Malaysia. This is the most iPhone like iPod Touch ever made by Apple.The iPod Touch 5G comes in a 4-inch Retina display that is exactly the same with iPhone 5 and it is even thinner than iPhone 5 by 1.5 mm.

iPod Touch 5G is powered by A5 chip, the same chip that is used to drive iPhone 4S. The front & back camera are also major upgrades as compared to the previous generation of iPod Touch. It seems that Apple is intending to make iPod Touch 5G as an alternative to Point-and-Shoot camera. Every iPod Touch 5G comes with a strap that Apple calls the loop to let you take the iPod just like a camera.

This is a quick comparison for the 3 new products of Apple:

iPod Touch 5G
iPad Mini (Wifi)
iPhone 5
A5 chip
A5 chip
A6 chip
Height: 123.4 mm
Width: 58.6 mm
Depth: 6.1 mm
Height: 200.0 mm
Width: 134.7 mm
Depth: 7.2 mm
Height: 123.8 mm
Width: 58.6 mm
Depth: 7.6 mm
88 g
112 g
4-inch Retina display
4-inch Retina display
1136 * 640
1024 * 768
1136 * 640
Back Camera
5 MP
5 MP
8 MP
1.2MP photos
720p HD video
Backside illumination
1.2MP photos
720p HD video
Backside illumination
1.2MP photos
720p HD video
Backside illumination
Video Recording
1080p HD video
1080p HD video recording
1080p HD video recording
Apple EarPods

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic
Storage and travel case
Talk Time
Music playback time:
Up to 40 hours

Video playback time:
Up to 8 hours

Charging times:
Fast charge 2 hours
(80% capacity),
full charge 4 hours
Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on WiFi, watching video, or listening to music
Talk time:
Up to 8 hours on 3G

Browsing time:
Up to 8 hours on LTE
Up to 8 hours on 3G
Up to 10 hours on Wifi

Standby time:
Up to 225 hours

32GB RM1049
64GB RM1399
16GB RM1099 (est)
32GB RM1399 (est)
64GB RM1699 (est)
16GB RM2199 (est)
32GB RM2499 (est)
64GB RM2799 (est)

You can see from the table that iPod Touch 5G has almost all the features like iPhone 5 except it only has Wifi connection and unable to make phone calls but the price of iPod Touch 5G is 58% cheaper. If you compare iPod Touch 5G with iPad Mini, you would notice that iPad Mini is actually overpriced with a screen that is not Retina display.

The selling price of iPod Touch 5G in the US is USD 299 (RM 900) but it is selling at RM 1049 in Apple Store. Since iPad 2 is selling for RM 1199 now,  if the upcoming iPad Mini is priced at RM 1099, it will affect both iPad Mini and iPod Touch sales. I hope that by the time iPad Mini is launched in Malaysia, the iPod Touch 5G price would be revised to RM 900.


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