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Monday, 12 November 2012

OCBC Smart Saver

If you're not a parent, but you're looking for savings account that offers high interest rate that is similar to Child's Savings Account, then I would definitely recommend OCBC Smart Saver to you.

OCBC Smart Saver is a high-yield savings account that fosters disciplined savings. The interest rates are determined by these two factors:

  • Total cumulative amount you deposit into the account every calendar month
  • Any withdrawals from the acount every calendar month

Total amount deposited in account every calendar month
Interest rates (yearly)

No withdrawals during calendar month
At least 1 withdrawal made during calendar month
RM 0 – RM 49.99
2.50% 2.40%
RM 50 – RM 999.99
2.85% 2.75%
RM 1000 and above
3.00% 2.90%

Updated 9th June 2013

This account is a very good tool to force and discipline yourself to save money. If you bank in monthly RM 1000 monthly, you will be get 3.00% p.a. interest. However, if you make any withdrawal from the account, the interest rate will drop to 0.50% p.a.

Many people will say that this account is good but OCBC branch is too far from my house or in another town. Well, to solve this problem, just like how we settle OCBC Titanium card payment, we can use IBG. Again, I would strongly recommend SCB JustOne CASA, go to sign up the account and direct debit RM 1500 every month into JustOne, then you are able to do everything online.


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