48 SMART: Save More with Free Newspaper & Online Subscription
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Friday, 30 November 2012

Save More with Free Newspaper & Online Subscription

Do you still subscribe to paper copy of local newspaper daily? I've stopped buying local newspaper for quite a long time as we can get all the latest and uncovered news from the Internet.

Instead of buying newspaper, I'm now getting a free copy of newspaper everyday when I go to work. It's The Sun Daily. There isn't much content in the newspaper but it is a good source of information to know the latest promotion from banks, car dealers, shopping malls and more.

Have you calculated how much you can save when you stop subscribing paper copy of newspaper? Say 1 issue is RM 1.30 and distributed 360 days, subscription fees for 1 year is already RM 468. If you subscribe to the best online news portal in Malaysia, it only cost you RM 150 a year for the standard package. You can save RM 318 annually and at the same time go green by reducing papers.


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