48 SMART: Trade In and Refresh Your PC with SNS Network
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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Trade In and Refresh Your PC with SNS Network

Do you have any old desktop, laptop or even netbook that is still functioning? If you have one and it's Intel inside, then you can consider to trade-in your old PC and gets a brand new PC powered by Intel processor at discounts of up to RM 500.

This trade in promotion is brought to you by SNS Network. However, its official website is not yet updated with the latest information as advertised on the newspaper. The participating brands are Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Sony. You can take a look at the specification of the selected models here.

The laptop prices are very attractive with the trade in promotion, starting from RM 699. The most affordable model comes with basic spec which is good enough for daily Internet surfing. You can choose the models depend on your usage pattern for the laptop.

All the models come with Windows 8. For better user experience, I would recommend you to go for those models with touch screen. This is because Windows 8 Modern User Interface (UI) is designed with tablets in mind. However, mouse and keyboard are still working great for Windows 8 as the shortcut keys are maintained and there are new features on the cursor.


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