48 SMART: Caltex 3% Cash Rebate by Maybankard
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Monday, 14 October 2013

Caltex 3% Cash Rebate by Maybankard

Caltex had just recently launced its Caltex Journey Card and it's now partnering with Maybank to bring you cash rebate of 3 % when you swipe your Maybank MasterCard and Visa Credit Card in Caltex petrol station with minimum of RM 50. The promotion is valid from now until 13th October 2014.

The promotion is not applicable for Maybankard American Express Credit Cards or Charge Cards and Maybank Debit Cards. The cash back is capped at RM 60 per cardmember per month (equivalent to petrol purchase of RM 2000). Supplementary card spending is also entitled to the 3% cash rebate and it will be aggregated to the principal spending.

The allocation amount payout limit is subjected to a total of RM 600000 for all cardmembers during the campaign period, whichever is earlier, and based on first-come-first-served basis. Announcement will be made via Maybank2u.com once the limit is reached.


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