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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

RHB Golden Horses of Fortune Deposit Promotion

It's 3 more months to Chinese New Year and next year will be the Year of Horse in Chinese Zodiac. RHB Bank has a new FD promotion, started from 18th October 2013 until 18th January 2014, that rewards you 24K Gold-plated Horse figurine collection when you deposit with RHB.

The campaign is open to all new and existing RHB Bank CASA Individual account holders (both residents and non-residents) of the Conventional Retail Banking segment. Eligible customers will be rewarded with GoldArt Figurine Gifts Series based on the deposit amount as follows:

Retail Price
Every RM 50000 deposited in CASA
One small size 24K gold plated figurine
RM 238.00
Every RM 300000 deposited in CASA
Complete set of four small size 24K gold plated figurines and two medium size 24K gold plated figurines
RM 1628.00

At the same time, customers who fulfill the CASA requirement as mentioned above are also entitled to enjoy a 3-month preferential FD rate as follows:

FD Amount
Preferential Rate
Promotional Rate
RM 50000 – RM 299999
3-month FD Board Rate + 0.43%
RM 300000 and above
3-month FD Board Rate + 0.63%

To qualify for the reward and FD promotional rate, customers must deposit the required amount into the Participating CASA with new funds and allow RHB to hold the amount for 90 days from the date of placement. FD placement must be made with fresh fund and FD amount must not exceed the CASA “on hold” amount (3-month FD board rate as at 18 October 2013 is 3.05%).
Customers can also stand a chance to win exclusive gold-plate artistry frame contest via lucky draw. This is a very good promotion to usher in the new year.

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