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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Petron Miles Privilege Card

Back in Year 2012, I've shared on the loyalty program offered by Malaysian Petrol Stations. Esso Mobil Smiles Driver Rewards Card offers the best rewards with up to 1.5% of rebate. Now, most of the Esso Mobil petrol stations in Malaysia have been re-branded as Petron. Therefore, Petron has come up with its new Petron Miles Privilege Card to replace the Smiles Driver Rewards Card.

The Petron Miles Privilege Card membership is free. It lets you earn 1 Miles point for every RM 1 spent on fuel.  Your Miles points will not expire as long as you make 1 fuel purchase within a 12-month period. You can redeem awesome rewards with your Petron Miles points:
  1. Instant reward - Redeem Petron Blaze fuel or Mart items instantly.
  2. Rewards catalogue - Redeem household, travel or electrical items that you like.
  3. Partners - Enjoy special offers and discounts at Petron's partners.

For current Smiles Driver Rewards card members, you may activate your Petron Miles Privilege card to transfer your Smiles points into Petron Miles points. As soon as your Petron Miles Privilege card is activated, you can no longer use your Smiles card.

To sign up, you can pick up a Petron Miles card and Rewards leaflet from any Petron, Esso or Mobil service stations. You just need to complete the Customer Request form and you can use the card to earn points instantly. When you activate your card, you will be able to get bonus 100 Petron Miles points.


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