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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Get Extra Rebate for Online Shopping

Online shopping is progressing steadily in Malaysia, especially those websites that sell vouchers for food and services. Do you often shop online to get vouchers, clothes or gadgets? If you do, you would notice that ipay88 and MOLpay are the most common payment gateway used by these websites.

In my previous post, I mentioned that ipay88 started to accept AMEX card but recently when I tried to use Maybankard 2 AMEX for the transaction, it always prompted a message, "This merchant does not support AMEX." What a disappointment! Anyway, don't worry, you still can get 5% discount through ipay88 and MOLpay (Groupon, Mydeal, Milkadeal, Jackcow) by using OCBC Titanium Card except Living Social & Groupon.

If you have AmBank CASA with AmOnline banking enable or AmBank Cards, you can get additional 6% instant discount in Jackcow portal.

There's a card from UOB, called UOB Vox which are tailored for the young generations. Vox card holders can enjoy 5% cash rebate on all online purchases up to RM 1000 every month except insurance, government utilities & bill payments only.

Besides, Vox card holders also can convert purchases of RM1,000 and above to a 6-month 0% Easy Payment Plan (EPP) with 1% upfront interest by calling UOB Card Center after purchase is made. Vox card holders are able to get cash rebates of up to 3% on retail purchases as well.

An example of a cash rebate payout:

Customer A
Customer B
Customer C
Customer D
Previous Month's Statement Balance
RM1 - RM500
> RM500 - RM5,000
> RM5,000 - RM8,000
> RM8,000
Current Month Spend
(for example)
Cash Rebate Rate
Cash Rebate Earned

Lastly, UOB Vox card holders also can enjoy SMART$ Rebate just like UOB One card. In my opinion, it is a great card to own if you are a fan of online shopping. The UOB Vox card is just like the e-version of UOB One card.


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