48 SMART: RM 5 Cash Back with AMEX in Petronas
+Smartan Dad

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

RM 5 Cash Back with AMEX in Petronas

Maybankard 2 AMEX offers the highest cash rebates in the market, the only drawback is that it is not widely accepted by merchants in Malaysia. The reason behind is due to AMEX imposes higher charges to merchants compared to Visa and Mastercard.

Good news to AMEX card holders! Petronas petrol stations now accept AMEX cards and AMEX gives out RM 5 cash back to every principal cardmember when cardmember spends for RM 70 and above in a single receipt in Petronas petrol stations within Klang Valley. The campaign started from 15th December 2012 and ends on 15 February 2013 with a total RM 200000 of cash back.

If you spend RM 70 in Petronas in weekends with Maybankard 2 AMEX, you'll able to get RM 5 cash back plus the 5% rebate and 5x TreatsPoints, you actually get 14.5% cash back! However, each principal cardmember can only enjoy up to RM 5 cash back, so you only can use it once.

Too bad this campaign is only applicable to Petronas within Klang Valley, not Petronas nationwide. I hope that such campaign will cover more regions in the future.


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