48 SMART: Hong Leong Fatt Choi FD Promotion
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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hong Leong Fatt Choi FD Promotion

It is festive season and also FD promotion season. Hong Leong Bank just launch another FD promotion, called Fatt Choi FD promotion, started from 10th Dec 2012 to 31st January 2013. This promotion is exclusively for Priority Banking customers.

What is Priority Banking? Generally, a Priority Banking (PB) customer does not need to wait or queue for banking over the counter. The other benefits of PB customers are listed above. To be eligible for PB, you need to have minimum RM 200000 in Hong Leong's accounts.

There are two deals in this FD promotion, one bundled with CASA, another without CASA. The former requires 10% of FD amount in CASA and gives 3.70% interest p.a. while the latter gives 3.40% interest p.a. Both require minimum RM 50000 fresh fund deposit and 3-month FD tenure.


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