48 SMART: Affin Bank CNY Triple Fortune Promotion
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Affin Bank CNY Triple Fortune Promotion

Affin Bank's Savings Account gives the highest interest rate of 3.38% p.a. in the market. From now until 31st March 2013, with Affin Bank Chinese New Year Triple Fortune Promotion, customers can enjoy additional   interest rate of 0.33% in their CASA.

To be eligible for the promotional interest rate, customers need to place a minimum incremental monthly average balance (MAB) of RM 20000 into their CASA account. The deposit amount must be fresh fund and the incremental MAB on which promotional interest rate is payable each month is subject to a maximum of RM 1000000 per account entity only.

A free umbrella will be given to first 1333 customers with minimum deposit of RM 50000
into any eligible accounts. Customers with incremental monthly deposits of RM 20000 in any month of January, February, and March, have a minimum balance of RM 20000 in the same account at the time the winner is identified will stand a chance to win the gold-plated vase. The winners will be announced on May 2013.


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