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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Citibank Rewards Platinum Card

Citibank introduced its new card, the Citibank Rewards Platinum Card, just one day after Hong Leong Bank launched its Wise Credit Card. It's a card that let you choose how you want to earn your rewards.

The main concept of Citibank Rewards Platinum Card is very similar to Hong Leong's Wise Credit Card and Mach Credit Card, You can choose the Rewards Categories based on your lifestyle and spending habit. You must subscribe to at least 2 Rewards Categories upon your application of the Rewards Platinum Card. All transactions that fall under the rewards categories will earn you 5X Citi Rewards points.

There are total 5 Rewards Categories for you to choose from. Below is the list of merchants for all of the Rewards Categories:

Each subscribed category will receive a maximum total of 60000 points per annum. For all categories except Travel, 5X Citi Rewards points will be awarded for a maximum spend of RM 1000 per month. The Travel category will be awarded 5X Citi Rewards points for a maximum spend of RM 12000 per year. For transactions not under subscribed category, you will continue to enjoy 1X Citi Rewards points except for petrol transactions. Petrol purchases will only earn Rewards points when the Driving Rewards category is selected.

Other than 5X Citi Rewards points, you will be able to earn bonus coupons and entitled to Automatic Protection. To earn bonus coupons, you need to spend RM 24000 or more per year. Upon renewal and payment of your Rewards Platinum Card annual fees, you will be entitled to the 50% off bonus coupons based on the Rewards categories that you have subscribed to. The automatic protection for each category is illustrated as below:

If you apply for Citibank Rewards Platinum Card now, you can enjoy 2 Rewards Categories for free in the first year and get 20000 Citi Rewards points as special welcome offer. The welcome offer or 20,000 Rewards points will be awarded when you spend a minimum of RM 500 within 60 days of your Citibank Rewards Platinum Card approval date.


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