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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Jalan S.P. Chelliah Affordable Housing

The exhibition for Penang State Government affordable housing project had ended on 7th March 2013 with more than 17000 applications. The state government has awarded the project to local construction company Zubicon Sdn. Bhd. The Bayan Baru company is picked out of eight companies that had submitted their tender for the Request for Proposal as it had offered the highest Guaranteed Monetary Contribution (GMC) of RM 60 billion.

Construction of the project is expected to start within a year after Zubicon signs the contract for the project and it will be completed within three years. Zubicon will add 580 units of affordable homes at 800 sqft, thereby increase the total number of affordable homes from 1320 units to 1900 units:
Initial Plan
New Plan
Medium Cost
1000 sqft
 RM 400000
275 unit
275 unit
900 sqft
 RM 300000
165 unit
165 unit
800 sqft
 RM 200000
110 unit
690 unit
Low Medium Cost
700 sqft
 RM 72500
770 unit
770 unit

1320 unit
1900 unit

Zubicon has proposed the concept of sustainable and self-contained compact development which would fit into a central business district, consisting of RM 25 million worth of public facilities that include a linear park, a 70 percent green space and the improvement of Sungai Pinang.

There is also proposal of a public bus terminal, pedestrian and bicycle lanes and a big sky tree.The design of the building which will comply with the Green Building Index, boasting of a recycling centre and a stand-alone surau.

If you are interested in the project, you may still download the application form via erumah. You can then submit the application form to Komtar 3rd Floor or PDC Bayan Baru.


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