48 SMART: Malaysiakini Goes Free for GE13
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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Malaysiakini Goes Free for GE13

Malaysia's 13th General Election will be on 5th May 2013 and it will be a close fight between BN and PR. To make sure that all Malaysians can have access to the uncovered election campaign information, Malaysiakini will be available for free of charge from 17th April 2013 onwards until end of polling day.

Apart from www.malaysiakini.com, to make sure you get access to the latest news. please also bookmark:
  1. www.facebook.com/malaysiakini
  2. www.twitter.com/malaysiakini
  3. For mobile users, m.malaysiakini.com
  4. For smartphone and tablet users, download apps here.

Malaysiakini also hosted another website, undiinfo, that is a database of all the state seats and parliamentary seats in Malaysia. You can check a particular seat for the history of candidates, majority votes, voters composition and so on from Year 2004.

If you're a registered voter, you can check for your vote centre via SPR website. If you're not a first time voter, you should see the same vote centre and vote channel as previous general election.


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