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Saturday, 6 April 2013

MBSB Fantastic Returns

MBSB has brought you another FD promotion in April, the Fantastic Returns, that gives you advanced interest payment on your FD! The campaign started from 1st April to 31st December 2013.

You can get instant returns of investment when you deposit minimum of RM 1000 in your FD account. There are two types of FD in this deal, namely Individual and 49' ners CLUB. The latter is open to customers aged 49 and above.

The interest rates for Indvidual and 49'ners CLUB are as follow:
Individual Rate
49’ners Rate
3.10 % p.a.
3.20 % p.a.
3.15 % p.a.
3.25 % p.a.
3.25 % p.a.
3.35 % p.a.
3.35 % p.a.
3.45 % p.a.
3.40 % p.a.
3.50 % p.a.

The interest rates are just normal for the promotion this time but the best thing is you can get instant payout of your FD interest once you place your FD. Interested? Visit your nearest MBSB branch to understand more.


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