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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

SCB JustOne Account FD Bundle 2

The announcement of BNM to reduce IBG transaction fee to RM 0.10 is actually a hit to SCB JustOne Account, so SCB needs to come out with attractive promotion to get new customers. JustOne Account FD Bundle promotion is back with better deals from 1st April until 30th June 2013.

As compared to JustOne Account FD Bundle 1 promotion, the FD tenure is still 6 month but the minimum deposit required is dropped to RM 5000 and you can enjoy additional 0.2% interest rate if you are new to bank customer who apply for the SCB credit card:

JustOne Account#Monthly Deposit Requirement (Minimum)Current
6-month Fixed Deposit Board Rate
Bonus Interest RateTotal Interest Rate on Fixed Deposit (A)Exclusively for new Credit Card customers
Additional Interest Rate (B)Total Interest Rate on Fixed Deposit (FD) for JustOne + FD + Credit Card (A+B)
JustOne Preferred AccountRM5,0002.90% p.a.0.80% p.a.3.70% p.a.0.20% p.a.3.90% p.a.
JustOne Personal AccountRM1,5002.90% p.a.0.60% p.a.3.50% p.a.0.20% p.a.3.70%

The additional interest on the 6-month FD only applies to new credit card customers with JustOne Preferred Account/Saadiq JustOne Preferred Account-i or JustOne Personal Account/Saadiq JustOne Personal Account-i. You also need to:  

  1. have your SCB Credit Card application approved within the campaign period
  2. activate your SCB Credit Card with a minimum one retail spending within the FD tenure
  3. keep your credit card account active during the Fd tenure.

SCB always treats new customers nicely, so if you are new to SCB customer, it's a real good chance to sign up for JustOne and SCB Credit Card!


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