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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

SCB JustOne Account FD Bundle

Standard Chartered Bank had revised the interest rate of JustOne Savings Account to 0.25% p.a. beginning Year 2013 and there are changes to the naming of the product as well. From 4th February until 31st March 2013, SCB will run JustOne Account FD Bundle campaign with interest rate of up to 4.00% p.a.

To be eligible for the promotional FD rate, you need to have a JustOne Account, sign up for a 6-month FD with minimum fresh fund of RM 20000 and fulfill JustOne Account monthly deposit requirements for 5 consecutive months. There are 3 types of JustOne Account, each with different bonus interest rate, as shown in the following table:

JustOne Account /
Saadiq JustOne
Monthly Deposit
6-month Fixed
Deposit Board
Total interest
rate on fixed
JustOne Piority Account /
Saadiq JustOne Priority
RM10,0002.90% p.a1.10% p.a4.00% p.a
JustOne Preferred
Account / Saadiq JustOne
Preferred Account-i
RM5,0002.90% p.a0.80% p.a3.70% p.a
JustOne Personal
Account / Saadiq JustOne
Personal Account-i
RM1,5002.90% p.a0.60% p.a3.50% p.a

Bonus Interest will be credited to your JustOne Current Account by the end of the following month after the FD matures. With JustOne Account, you'll enjoy the benefits of free unlimited ATM withdrawals nationwide and worldwide, free Interbank GIRO fund transfers and attractive interest rates, plus the promotional FD rate!


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