48 SMART: HSBC Amanah Deposit Drive Promotion
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Monday, 25 February 2013

HSBC Amanah Deposit Drive Promotion

HSBC Amanah currently has a fixed deposit promotion till 8th March 2013 at participating HSBC Amanah branches. Eligible customers get to enjoy 5% special profit rate for 3 months under this promotion.

The promotion is open to existing customers of HSBC Amanah who have an existing HSBC Premier Account-i, HSBC Amanah Advance Account-i, Amanah Basic Savings Account-i or Amanah Current Account-i. New-to-HSBC Amanah Premier (minimum amount of RM 200000) and HSBC Amanah Advance customers (minimum amount of RM 20000) are also eligible for the promotion.

The minimum placement amount for the Term Deposit-i (TD-i) Offer is RM 10000 per customer. Placement shall be of fresh fund and in multiples of RM 5000 only. The maximum placement amount for the TD-i Offer per customer is RM 500000. Customers also must place 30% of their TD-i placement amount into HSBC CASA-i which will be earmarked and maintained for 3 months.

The minimum effective profit rate for the TD-i Offer is 3.50% p.a., same as that of UOB Triple Fortune 3-month tenure promotion.


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