48 SMART: Maybank FD/IFD-i Ang Pow (6+6) Campaign
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Monday, 18 February 2013

Maybank FD/IFD-i Ang Pow (6+6) Campaign

After the FD/IFD-i New Year Campaign, Maybank has launched another Ang Pow Campaign from 28 January until 28 February 2013 or upon reaching its deposit target, whichever is earlier. The campaign is open to all new FD/IFD-i placements of fresh funds by new and existing Individual, SME and Business Banking customers, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Clubs/Societies.

 The minimum placement amount according to the respective customer and account type:

Customer / Account Type
Minimum Placement
Retail/ Individual
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)/
Business Banking (BB)
Sole proprietor, Partnership, Club/ Societies/ Association

There is no maximum placement amount imposed on Individual customers.However, the maximum placement amount in this campaign for SME, Business Banking, Sole Proprietor, Partnership and Clubs/Societies/Association customers is RM20.0 million per entity.

The promotional interest rates are as below:

Promotional Rate
Prevailing Board Rate
First 6 months
3.35% p.a.
3.10% p.a.
Next Rollover
(1 time only for the next 6 months)
3.45% p.a.
3.10% p.a.

The promotional rate is subject to any Overnight Policy Rate (“OPR”) change. The campaign is available for placements made over the counter at any Maybank Branch. Upon maturity of the FD, i.e. after the completion of one rollover, the placement rates shall revert to the prevailing board rates for the respective tenures. The effective interest rate is 3.40% p.a.


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