48 SMART: Get Cash Back for RHB Credit Card New Approval
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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Get Cash Back for RHB Credit Card New Approval

RHB Bank is organizing RHB Credit Card Cash Back Campaign which runs from 21 January to 30 April 2013. Every eligible customer can get up to RM 250 cash back when he swipes with his newly approved RHB credit card applied during the campaign.

The campaign is opened to any individual who is a resident of Malaysia, during the campaign period, within a single application form, applies for any one or more of the following principal RHB credit cards:

  1. RHB Infinite Credit Card
  2. RHB Platinum Credit Card
  3. RHB Gold Credit Card
  4. RHB EVO Credit Card 
  5. RHB Travel Money Credit Card
  6. TESCO-RHB Credit Card 

All applicants must be new-to-bank approved credit cardmembers (approved principal cardmembers only). If the applicant  has cancelled  his card previously, it is only considered as new-to-bank if the cancellation period is more than 12 months. 

The application should be submitted by 30 April 2013 and successfully approved by 31 May 2013. Principal cardmember should make the first retail transaction within 45 days from approval date using his successfully approved RHB Principal Credit Card to receive the cash back as stated below: 

Credit CardMinimum First SwipeMaximum Cash Back
EVO, Travel Money,
Tesco-RHB and Gold Card
Visa InfiniteRM1,000RM250


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