48 SMART: Save Money & Get Chance to Win Prizes Part I
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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Save Money & Get Chance to Win Prizes Part I

Do you like to win prizes from lucky draw? Do you know that we can enrol in lucky draw without having to pay for lottery? Yes, you can actually do so by saving your money with these two banks in Malaysia:
  1. Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) with its deposit product called Sijil Simpanan Premium (SSP).
  2. Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) with its deposit products called Al-Awfar and Al-Awfar Junior.

BSN is offering 44,573 prizes for a year to SSP Certificate Holders through the Monthly Premium SSP Draws. You also stand a chance to win special prizes with another 2 extra draws which are SSP Localised Draws and SSP Special Draw. SSP is open to anyone aged 12 and above with permanent address in Malaysia. Minimum savings is RM 10 for 1 unit. 

SSP purchase can be made via BSN counters, ATM, CDM, BSN:SMS (SMS Banking), MyBSN (Internet Banking), Standing Instruction, Salary deduction and Banking Beyond Branches Agents.

SSP is transacted according to the Mudharabah contract with a Profit Sharing Ratio (Customer:Bank) as shown in below tables:

Sijil Simpanan Premium
SSPProfit Sharing RatioIndicative Profit Rates
< RM5,0002:980.15%
Up To RM50,0003:970.20%
> RM50,0006.5:93.50.60%
Special Edition SSP
Special Edition SSPMinimum SavingsProfit Sharing RatioIndicative Profit Rates
6 MonthRM100025:752.00%
12 MonthRM300030:702.42%

These are the lucky draw prizes for February 2013:

 Monthly Draw
1st PrizeCamry 2.0 E1
2nd PrizePreve 1.6 1
3rd PrizeJewellery voucher 
4th Prize Samsung Galaxy Note15
5th PrizeDSLR Camera 35
6th Prize iPad80
7th Prize Galaxy Tab 10.1150
8th Prize  SSP 1502,800
 Local Draw
1st PrizeViva 1
2nd Prize Modenas GT 128 5
 3rd Prize iPhone10 
4th Prize   SSP 150100 

You can refer to selected newspapers, Information Board at any BSN branch and MyBSN for SSP Draw Results. You can sell back your SSP unit fully or partially after 45 days from the issuance of your SSP certificate. All your units are entitled for the monthly draw, for as long as they have not been redeemed.


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