48 SMART: 5% Cash Back on SCB Debit Card Spend
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Friday, 3 May 2013

5% Cash Back on SCB Debit Card Spend

Good news to all Standard Chartered JustOne Account holders! You can now enjoy 5% cash back when you shop at Tesco, Giant, AEON (Jusco) and AEON BiG (Carrefour) nationwide, any day of the week from 1 May till 31 July 2013, when you pay with your JustOne Account Debit Card.

The promotion is open to all existing customers of SCB who hold both of the following: 

  1. A JustOne Account either in their name alone or as primary accountholder prior to promotion period.
  2. Any Debit Card which is linked to their JustOne Account.

The cash back is 5% of the total amount of purchases spent at the merchants using the Debit Card with money from the eligible customer's JustOne Account, irrespective of the number of JustOne Accounts an eligible customer may have, but limited to a maximum total cash rebate of RM 100 per month per eligible customer.

Finally SCB has come up with a good promotion for its existing customers. Start spending with your SCB Debit Card today and enjoy the cash back! Happy shopping!


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