48 SMART: Cash Back for New RHB Credit Card Approval 2
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Friday, 17 May 2013

Cash Back for New RHB Credit Card Approval 2

RHB Bank has returned with its credit card cash back campaign with more cash back and benefits compared to its previous promotion. The campaign runs from 15th May to 17th August 2013.

Every eligible customer can get RM 150 cash back when he swipes minimum RM 100 in a single transaction with his newly approved RHB credit card applied during the campaign. The campaign is opened to any individual who is a resident of Malaysia, during the campaign period, within a single application form, applies for any one or more of the following principal RHB credit cards: 

  1.  RHB Infinite Credit Card 
  2.  RHB Platinum Credit Card 
  3.  RHB Platinum-i Credit Card 
  4.  RHB Gold Credit Card 
  5.  RHB Gold-i Credit Card 
  6.  RHB EVO Credit Card 
  7.  RHB Travel Money Credit Card 
  8.  TESCO-RHB Credit Card 

RM150 Cash Back only applicable to principal cardmember only. First spend on supplementary cardmember is not applicable for cash back. Applicant who applies for 2 RHB Credit Cards at the same time will only get cash back ONCE to any RHB Credit Card that meets the minimum RM100 first swipe first.

In addition, cardmember is also entitled for 0% Balance Transfer or 0% Finance Charges for 6 months. Cardmember must indicate in the RHB Generic Credit Card Application Form which option he/she chooses. Minimum amount per Balance Transfer application is RM 3000 and maximum is up to 60% of the total available credit limit. In order to enjoy the 0% finance charges, the cardmember is required to make the minimum payment due on each monthly statement latest by the statement due date.

Tempted to apply for RHB credit card? You can learn more on the cards' features here.


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