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Monday, 1 July 2013

Hong Leong CASA Perfect Home Living

Hong Leong Bank (HLB) has just started a new promotion called CASA Perfect Home Living today. Deposit with Hong Leong Bank from 1st July until 31st October 2013 and stand a chance to take home a Sony LED TV plus Home Theatre Set!

The promotion is open to all HLB Individual customers who are Malaysians and Non-individual customers who are Primary Account holders of a CASA/i, excluding Private Banking customers. The new and existing account holders of below accounts are eligible for the campaign:

  1. Hong Leong Basic Savings Account
  2. Hong Leong Savings Account
  3. Hong Leong Basic Current Account
  4. Hong Leong Current Account
  5. Hong Leong Junior Savings Account
  6. Hong Leong Senior Savers Savings Account
  7. Hong Leong One Account
  8. Hong Leong SmartLink Account
  9. Hong Leong Pay&Save Account
  10. Hong Leong Junior Savings Account-i *
  11. Hong Leong Current Account One-i *
  12. Hong Leong Multi-tier Savings Account-i *

Note: *Denotes Accounts offered by Hong Leong Islamic Bank

This is how you could earn contest entries for the grand prize based on the following criteria:

Contest Entry
Open a new account with a minimum deposit of RM 1000
20 Entries
Every incremental deposit of RM 1000 into an existing account
1 Entry
Every RM 30 spent in a single receipt with HLB/HLISB Debit Card
1 Entry

There are also early bird gifts redeemable by customers on first-come-first-served basis. Each customer is only eligible to 1 early bird gift, with deposit of fresh fund earmarked for 4 months.

A penalty fee of RM 30, RM 150 and RM 800 is chargeable for Teddy Bear Coin Box, Bladeless Fan and terraBOT neo Robotic floor cleaner respectively in the event the earmarked amount is released in less than 4 months. Don't wait any longer, visit your nearest Hong Leong branch today to redeem the early bird gift!


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