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Monday, 22 July 2013

CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum MasterCard

CIMB has finally joined in the family of Cash Rebate Credit Card with its Cash Rebate Platinum MasterCard. It is a credit card that rewards cardmembers for shopping online while offering competitive cash rebate programme for other retail purchases.

These are the features of the new card:

  1. Get 5% cash back on all online spend, maximum rebate capped at RM 30.
  2. Get 2% cash rebate on groceries and petrol.
  3. Get 2% cash rebate on mobile & utility bill payments (via Standing Instruction).
  4. Get 0.2% unlimited cash rebate on other retail spend.
  5. Get 10% unlimited cash rebate on retail interest charged.

As an introductory offer, from now until December 2013, successful applicants will receive RM 50 welcome bonus. During this period, the maximum limit of RM 30 for E-commerce is not applicable and therefore the Cardholder can earn up to RM 50 cash rebate per month inclusive of cash rebate earned from petrol, groceries and bill payment.

There is also additional cash rebate on the participating merchants with E-Commerce related transactions or payments for purchases made online stated in the table below:

Participating Merchants
Additional Cash Rebate
GSC Online
iTunes Applications
Google Playstore
Airlines Online

Note: Only cardholder who does not exceed the monthly maximum cash rebate of RM 50 is eligible for the additional cash rebate

Besides, cardholders also get to enjoy additional retail merchant discount on transactions made at the specific participating merchant outlets/ transactions made through the website set out below:

Participating Merchants
Retail Merchant Discount
Mode of Discount
Upfront discount
San Francisco Coffee
Upfront discount
Cash rebate to be credited by 15th of the following month
(login via agoda.com/cimb)
Upfront discount

  1. The retail merchant discount at ISETAN is applicable only on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and is subject to a maximum cash rebate of RM 50 per month for both Principal and Supplementary Cardholders.
  2. The total monthly retail merchant discount amount claimed at ISETAN by CIMB’s cardholders has not exceeded the sum of RM 60000 allocated by CIMB for this purpose.

This card is better than UOB Vox which gives the same amount of cash rebate for online shopping. If you love to shop online, this is certainly the card for you. You can apply now by filling in this form.


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