48 SMART: 10% Cash Back at All Petrol Stations with RHB Travel Money
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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

10% Cash Back at All Petrol Stations with RHB Travel Money

RHB is giving out up to 10% cash back for petrol purchase at all petrol stations nationwide with its Travel Money Credit Card, starting from 1st August until 31st October 2013.

This is how the cash back works for Travel Money cardmembers during the campaign:

Cash Back
Reward Point
Petrol Purchases during 1st weekend of the month 
(3 – 4 Aug, 7 – 8 Sep, 5 – 6 Oct 2013)
No points
Petrol Purchases during other weekends of the month
No points
Petrol Purchases during weekdays
No points
Spend on flight tickets, travel packages, car rental, duty free & sea cruise packages 
(purchased in Malaysia)
RM 1 spent = 2 points
Other Retail Spend (Excluding Petrol, Cash Advance, Balance Transfer, Fees and Charges)
RM 1 spent = 1 point

The cash back is based on on 20% of total monthly retail spend which includes retail purchases, petrol, utilities, dining and travel expenditure. Maximum cash back is RM60 per month for both Principal and Supplementary Card. The cash back earned will be credited into the Principal cardmembers’ account.

If you're RHB Travel Money cardmembers, this is a good time to spend with your Travel Money to get cash back on petrol purchases and collect reward points on others!


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