48 SMART: SCB JustOne & Credit Card Bundle Promotion
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Monday, 29 July 2013

SCB JustOne & Credit Card Bundle Promotion

Are you looking for a Savings Account with interest rate of up to 3.00% p.a.? Standard Chartered Bank is bundling its JustOne Account and Credit Card to offer you the promotional interest rate from 11th June 2013 until 31st December 2014.

The campaign is open to all Standard Chartered Bank's customers age over 21 who:
  1. Are Personal Banking customers holding JustOne Personal Accounts or Preferred Banking customers holding JustOne Preferred Accounts. These accounts must be opened before or during the campaign period in their name alone; and
  2. Hold either a Visa translucent Credit Card, Platinum Credit Card, Business Platinum Credit Card, Preferred World MasterCard or WorldMiles Credit Card before 1st October 2013 as principal cardholder; and 
  3. Have maintained their accounts in good standing, without any breach of the terms and conditions or agreements, throughout the campaign period.
Note: members of Standard Chartered Priority Banking, regardless of whether they hold any JustOne Personal Account or JustOne Preferred Account, are not eligible to participate.

Eligible customers will be able to enjoy the benefits below:
  1. For Personal Banking customers, a bundle interest of 1.75% p.a would be applied up to RM 50000 only of the JustOne Personal Savings Account balances;
  2. For Preferred Banking Customers, a bundle interest of 1.50% p.a. would be applied up to RM 100000 only of the JustOne Preferred Savings Account balances.
Note: a minimum balance of RM 1 must be maintained to earn interest. Interest is calculated on simple interest calculation and accrued daily. The bundle interest earned will only be credited at the end of the following month.

In order to get the extra interest rate above, eligible customers must meet below criteria:
  1. Fulfill the JustOne Account monthly deposit requirement as described in the JustOne Account terms and conditions throughout the campaign period; and
  2. A minimum monthly spent of:
  • RM 1500 on credit card for Personal Banking customers;
  • RM 3000 on credit card for Preferred Banking customers; 
Note: points purchases, cash advances, interest, fees or charges, disputed transactions, any type of balance transfers and any type of installment payment plans will not count. Transactions by supplementary cardholders will count though.

I think that the promotion is not that attractive because you have to maintain a minimum spend with SCB Credit Card while the interest rate you get is just 3.00% p.a., only a little higher than OCBC Smart Saver Savings Account.


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