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Sunday, 8 December 2013

AEON BiG Gift Card

AEON BiG Gift Card is a card that provides absolute cashless shopping experience to purchase any items at all participating AEON BiG store in Malaysia. It is also an ideal gift for your family and friends in any occasion.

You can use AEON BiG Gift Card just like cash. Cash amounts can be purchase in fixed denomination of RM 20, RM 50, RM 100, RM 200. Minimum value is RM 20 to Maximum value of RM 1500 per card. It can be purchased at Gift Card Centre in all participating AEON BiG store in Malaysia by using cash, credit cards, debit cards or charge cards.

These are the benefits of AEON BiG Gift Card:

  1. No Joining fee is required. 
  2. Issue Gift Cards instead of cash purchases.
  3. Discount rate would be given for any cards purchased above RM 10K. 
  4. Time saving at cashier lines. 
  5. Customer can choose to use any amount to pay / make purchases. 
  6. Stylish and easy to slip into the wallet. 
  7. The perfect and convenient gift for any occasion.

You can always make balance enquiry for AEON BiG Gift Card in participating AEON BiG store Customer Service Counter or Check Out Counter. If you have credit card that gives you high cash back during weekends, e.g. Maybankard Dual, you can get the Gift Card during weekends and charge to your credit card. With this method, you'll be able to get 5% cash back everyday by using Gift Card to shop in AEON BiG.


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