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Saturday, 28 December 2013

AEON Credit Card New Features

AEON initiated a series of rebranding promotion for AEON BiG in Year 2013, including the announcement of AEON BiG Thank You Day on every 28th of the month and the launch of its free AEON BiG Membercard. Now, AEON Credit Service under AEON Group had added new features to its Credit Cards to attract more new customers.

There are a few types of Credit Card offered by AEON Credit Service. The most popular ones are NEW AEON Credit Card and AEON Watami Credit Card. The NEW AEON Credit Card is a credit card linked to the AEON MEMBER Card (previously known as J-Card) to collect AEON MEMBER Points with the features as below:
  1. Earn 2x Points for every ringgit spent in AEON Stores.
  2. Earn 1x Point for every RM 2 spent elsewhere.
  3. Earn 2.5x Points for every ringgit spent in AEON MEMBER Privilege Day.
  4. Earn 500 extra Points for spending RM 200 and above in AEON MEMBER Fiesta Day.
  5. Receive 2% Cash Rebate for spending in AEON MEMBER Day.
  6. Enjoy free access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge up to 6x times a year (for Gold Card).

The new features added are as below:
  1. Earn 4x Points every RM1 spent at AEON Stores on Double Points Day (Every 10th).
  2. Enjoy 5% Rebate at AEON (No CAPPING) on Thank You Day (Every 20th).
  3. Enjoy 5% Rebate at AEON BiG (No CAPPING) on Thank You Day (Every 28th).
  4. Enjoy 5% Rebate at any Petrol Station (Capped RM50) on Petrol Rebate Day (Every Last Sunday). Applicable to all AEON Credit Cards.

The points earned can be used to redeem AEON Gift Voucher that does not have an expiry date. With 2500 points, AEON member can redeem a RM 20 voucher, which is equivalent to 1.6% rebate for spending in AEON. This card is very suitable for you if you are a frequent shopper in AEON and AEON BiG.


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