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Thursday, 14 November 2013

AEON BiG Membercard

AEON BiG launched its member card today in all 28 outlets. The member card is a loyalty card that lets you earn points and get cash rebate. It is free to sign up and open to residents of Malaysia and Singapore, aged 18 years old and above.

You can sign up for the member card at any AEON BiG member card kiosk at all AEON BiG stores nationwide. You just need to complete the application form and present MyKad upon signing up. There's currently a reward book worth up to RM 300 for each new member based on first-come-first-served while stock last basis.

You can use your AEON BiG member card immediately after you sign up and receive the card. You can earn 1 AEON BiG point with every RM 1 spent. Besides, you can earn 50 AEON BiG Eco points each time you use AEON BiG recycle bag on every Saturday.

Every 1000 AEON BiG points collected is equivalent to RM 5 cash back value redeemable in your next purchase. Purchases of mobile top-ups, gift cards, gift cards top-up and tobacco related products are not eligible for AEON BiG points.

Your AEON BiG points will expire 1 year from last usage of your card. You will be notified via email or SMS 30 days prior to the expired date. To check for point balance, you can walk in to any AEON Credit Services Malaysia branches or call Customer Care line at 1-300-80-2366.

The cash rebate you get from AEON BiG member card is 0.5%, same as that of Tesco Clubcard. Visit your nearest AEON BiG outlet today to apply for the free member card, get the limited reward book and start earning points!


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